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How to Survive This Thing Called Life Using DISC

How to Survive This Thing Called Life Using DISC

Persevere in crisis with your adaptive behavioral pattern

We are going through a period of intense economic and political crisis around the globe, in distinct locations and with varying levels of intensity. However, in one way or another we all live in an increasingly globalized world and it is almost impossible not to feel the impact of that. Many of us surely have to face unprecedented challenges and experience changes like never before in our lives. Inevitably, different levels of stress are associated with this.

The present moment is uniquely fit to test our resilience and survival skills. Al Siebert, in his excellent book The Survivor Personality, explores conclusions from research done with people who faced very stressful moments, significant conflicts, and hugely difficult situations.

Some patterns were found among those who survived those situations. One of them was the ability to be flexible, to show behavioral patterns that were the opposite of one´s natural tendencies, as required by the present moment.

The DISC methodology can illustrate this survival skill as it measures the natural behavioral style (the one which hardly changes) and the adapted style, which is situational and can often vary, as long as the person is willing to adapt.


Use the Ace Up Your Sleeve

The adapted behavioral pattern is the ace up our sleeve in facing the challenges presented by difficult moments. Thus, a naturally outspoken person can adapt and become quiet if the moment so demands, or a naturally impatient individual may see the need to be calmer in order to overcome a challenge or period of change.

Below there are a few points to help you reflect on your survival skills. On the left side, identify which characteristics you believe that are part of your nature; then, consider your ability to use the characteristic on the right side.


This blog was written by Alex Ribas as a post to our global site. Alex is president of TTI Success Insights Brazil. Ribas has been working with assessment tools for more than 20 years and has been a TTI SI Master Distributor since 2001. Reach him at

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