Afrika Tikkun Making A People Difference with TTI's #100kLives campaign
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“Friend Raising” at Afrika Tikkun

“Friend Raising” at Afrika Tikkun

Thanks to TTI’s Talent Insights assessment, more than a dozen Development Executives from Afrika Tikkun now have some of the necessary tools to become more effective relationship builders and enhance their own workplace value. Afrika Tikkun, has for the past 20 years implemented development programmes to redress the inequities of apartheid and helps disadvantaged young people to be able to realise their inherent potential.In short, they do tremendous and much needed work in many communities around South Africa. For TTI Success Insights South Africa, bring our expertise on human behavioral sciences to help them do what they do best, can only be an honour.

The session was work shopped over two days, and facilitated by one of our VAA’s in South Africa, Bolanle Enang.
Bolanle, was invited by Onyi Nwaneri, head: Development, Marketing and Communications, to host a Team Effectiveness workshop, with the goal of increasing the Development Executives’ self-awareness for real growth and promoting how to work effectively in teams and with external stakeholders. For this, Bolanle donated her time as part of her philanthropic efforts and TTI Success Insights donated the Talent Insights assessments as part of our #100k Lives CSI initiative.

Prior to the session,Onyi Nwaneri had highlighted that of particular importance for Afrika Tikkun is building meaningful relationships with all their partners who support the great work they do. This raised the phrase that literally is alive at their office; “we don’t fundraise, we friend-raise”; nothing highlights better the important aspect of building meaningful relationships.

Bolanle’s presentation hit on many facets of DISC, including communication do’s and don’ts, she said one of the most impactful exercises was having the development executives role play different unscripted scenarios or role plays in triads and having the group debrief afterwards. On day two the group focused on the 12 Driving Forces™ where the penny dropped for the entire team. DISC is the “How” in behavior whereas the Driving Forces are the “Why” in their behavior. Once one knows and understands the motivations that drive their actions, they will immediately be able to understand the causes of conflict.

Through the Talent Insights assessment, they now have a tool in which they can take back and start to understand and appreciate the different styles of behavior and the drivers that spur the team members to act. The two viewed together (behavior & driving forces) are immensely powerful in understanding one’s self, what they bring to the table and building meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

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